We make Industrial IoT accessible to
companies big and small.



Solutions to real-time problems

Capturing data from the field can be a daunting challenge - Artesian Edge makes this simple. Be proactive not reactive with Artesian services real- time analytic insights.

Avoid development delays. Start now.

Artesian solutions are designed to get you up and running now - say goodbye to development overhead.

More than simple data collection

Artesian VDE allows you to view, analyze, showcase your data. Get the entire story of what’s impacting your business.

Integrating big data with user experience

Dashboards focused on what you need. Our graphing and display components accurately work with big data where others fail.

Secure and reliable results

Our reliability ensures that no data is missed. Rest easily knowing that Artesian Edge uses the latest in security standards.

Collaborative - let us be a part of your team

You know your business best. Artesian Softeware believes the best results come out of a partnership.

Avoid unsupported custom solutions

Artesian Software understands the challenges with ongoing support of custom solutions. Our service model ensures full support with minimal developement costs. Data sovereignty is important to us - your data, your server.


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